The Importance of Workplace Friendships

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With most of our day being spent at work, it is important to cultivate healthy coworker relationships. There are many benefits to having workplace friendships. Not only do strong relationships between coworkers make the workday more fun, but they also support professional development, growth, company culture, and so much more. 

We recently asked our Braintree team members what benefits they gain from their workplace friendships. Here are a few top highlights. 

Workplace Friendships Create an Avenue for Support and Success 

“Work friends and the relationships built make me more successful at my job because I feel welcome, heard, and supported always. Those are key elements to success! I think workplace friendships benefit our workplace because it brings us all closer together and we care about one another. We are a team and all support each other individually as well as collectively. A strong foundation is what holds us all together so we can all be at our best and accomplish all we want to and more!” – Lindsey Atkinson 

 “Work friends help you be more successful by being there to cheer you on or to help when needed. They don’t leave you behind, where someone may be slacking or having struggles there’s always one that can step in to help guide you.” – Valerie Spencer 

 “The friendships I value the most at work are the ones that push me to be a better version of myself, which contributes to my overall success as a team member and person.” – Dina Quesnell 

 Workplace Friendships help Team Culture Thrive 

 “Friendships benefit the workplace by fostering a positive, transparent, and innovative culture. Culture to me is paramount. It is a clear indicator of the success of a company.” – Dina Quesnell 

 “When you have workplace friendships, you have an inviting atmosphere, not only to new employees but the guests as well. Workplace friendships help keep an air of camaraderie, respect, and loyalty that is apparent through all departments and to how guests are received and treated.” Kris Zerby 

 Bonds with Coworkers Strengthen Work Outcome 

 “My work friendships strengthen our bonds to the company and motivate us to make it even better. We are there to challenge each other, and support each other, which in turn, strengthens our culture. I believe work friendships are very important!” – Alika Hoff 

 “My friends at work help me to be better when I see the love and passion they put into their activities; they make me try harder and always do my best just like they do. By doing this we are a united and invincible team, and it is beautiful to go to work with them every day.”  – Oliver Salvador 

 “My workplace friends are the best! they push me to always be friendly and customer focused. Workplace friendships help foster a better working environment which helps us work our best.” – Lauren Davis 

 Friendships Between Coworkers Make Work More Fun 

 “When you have work friends, they become family. I have always said when I leave home to go to work, I’m leaving home to go to my other home. I’ve been at the same Hampton for almost 14 years & it is all because of the strong friendships I have made. We are a stronger team. We trust each other, we can be honest, we can put in hard work and have each other’s back, then the best part is the fun we have. The pranks, the constant laughing, it’s amazing & I wouldn’t want it any other way.” – Teresa Rose 

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The Importance of Workplace Friendships

With most of our day being spent at work, it is important to cultivate healthy coworker relationships. There are many benefits to having workplace friendships.