Our Mission
Braintree Hospitality creates memorable stays and profitable operations that produce nationally recognized hotels known for their world-class service.

Core Values

We are committed to the growth, development, and continued success of our clients and valued associates.

We are hard-working, focused individuals with a shared passion for proactive business principles that lead to action, not more talking points.

We are a family, believing in ourselves and the process with the value of relationships at our core.

As masters of revenue management, our management team’s primary objective is maximizing revenue. We use local knowledge of each market and involvement from property management, our corporate revenue manager, as well as brand provided revenue specialists to truly develop the most disciplined, aggressive revenue plan on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With an optimistic focus, we relish these opportunities to scrutinize all business principles in order to come up with creative solutions for your business and ours.

At Braintree Hospitality, we strive to reflect these core values of integrity, courage, creativity, optimism, and teamwork in how we do business, and how we care for our hotel guests, employees, and clients – our greatest assets.