Holiday Hospitality Tips to Bring Guests Cheer this Season

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The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the true spirit of hospitality and the role it plays in creating a sense of community for holiday travelers. Hotels and resorts strive to go above and beyond to ensure guests experience an exceptional and memorable holiday stay. In this blog, we’ll share some advice from Braintree Hospitality employees themselves, and how they go above and beyond during the holidays.

Ensure a Warm, Comfortable Stay

No matter what time of year it is, greeting guests with kindness and respect is an essential quality in hospitality. It is all about being hospitable, after all! During the holidays, employees should seek to go above and beyond to ensure a guest’s holiday visit is one to remember.

“I always make sure to go above and beyond during the holidays by making sure guests know they are prioritized,” Lauren Davis, Braintree Hospitality employee, said. “We also make sure the hotel looks in tip-top shape for the holidays, the decorations are bright and cheery, and the atmosphere is fun and festive always.”

Lindsay Atkinson, Braintree Hospitality employee, said it’s important to create a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere for guests throughout their entire holiday stay, from the moment they walk in the door, to the moment they turn in their key. 

“The holidays are all about spending quality time with the ones you’re most comfortable being with,” Lindsay Atkinson, Braintree Hospitality employee, said. “When guests walk through our door, we need to greet them with a warm, friendly smile. It sets the tone for the remainder of their stay with us.”

Create a Festive and Memorable Environment

Decorating hotel common areas is a great way for employees to gear up for the holidays and get in the holiday spirit. For guests, a well-decorated space creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and makes visitors feel at home.

Atkinson said her property provides candy canes and coloring pages on the front desk for children, or “travelers in training,” to create a memorable holiday stay.

“Having decorations throughout the hotel brings on the festive cheer,” she said. “We can display their beautiful artwork on our hotel wall. It’s the little things that truly matter and stand out and most importantly won’t be forgotten!”

Kristi Flammang, an employee at Hilton Garden Inn Bend, said her team members go above and beyond by decorating and creating festive activities for guests to participate in during their stay.

“We have a stuffed reindeer that we hide in the hotel common areas with a note to take it to the front desk for a free candy. The kids love it, as do the employees,” she said. “Favorite time of year, hands down!”

During the holiday season, a nicely decorated hotel is essential for creating a festive atmosphere when guests walk through the door. However, hospitality employees can go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay by finding fun and creative ways for guests to get involved in that festive hotel environment. 

Recommend Local Activities and Events

Hospitality staff should be well-versed in their city and what it has to offer. During holiday trips, guests may ask for recommendations on holiday related activities or events, so it is the best interest of hotel employees to research a list of options to share with them.

Chris Reeves, assistant general manager and director of sales at the Hampton Inn Coeur d’ Alene, said that it’s important to know the right spots in town to visit during the holidays.

“Here in Coeur D’Alene, the boardwalk on the lake always has a prominent lighting display and can be very romantic,” he said. “Christmas Light Cruises around the lake are another popular attraction during the holidays for locals and guests, alike.”

It’s a priority in every season to assure guest’s stays are excellent but putting in that extra effort during the holiday season makes this time of year much more memorable.

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