Are you ready for our December challenge?

This month’s challenge starts TODAY and is our most exciting one yet! With the theme of ‘pay it forward,’ this will give you a reason to pass on the kindness this holiday season while getting you on the list to win some awesome prizes that you might keep to yourself or gift forward to a loved one!

Start Date: December 1, 2021

End Date: December 15, 2021

Prizes: One winner will be chosen (not randomly) based on their level of participation, creativity, overall WOW factor! The winner will pick one of these fun prizes: Fitbit exercise tracker, espresso machine, Beats headphones, a standing outdoor BBQ smoker, or an Aero garden indoor garden.
How to enter:
We want to come together as a team to make a positive impact on our communities this month. To enter the raffle, pay it forward. Whether it’s going the extra mile to welcome a guest, paying for someone’s coffee in the line behind you, volunteering, or simply smiling at a stranger, we are asking you pay it forward and share your story with us!
Step 1:

Pay it Forward

Step 2:

Share your story in our Facebook Group (adding a photo gets you bonus points!)

That’s it! You can participate as many times as you would like and share as many stories as you like. We will choose a winner who best “WOW’s” our judging panel on December 16!