Braintree Hospitality Gives Back this Holiday Season

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For the holidays, Braintree Hospitality employees across all 15 properties, including the Boise office, came together to make a positive impact in their communities.

By participating in the company’s “Pay It Forward” December giveaway, employees had an opportunity to make a positive difference.

Whether it was going the extra mile to welcome a guest, offering to pay for someone’s coffee, or volunteering, Braintree Hospitality employees certainly made their mark this holiday season.

Giving to Those in Need

The holidays are about spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and feasting on delicious meals. Unfortunately, this isn’t a realistic scene for a large portion of Americans who are struggling to get by year-round.

Braintree Hospitality employee, Abby Jecks Peery, was inspired to help the homeless population after a guest shared his story while staying at Tru by Hilton Gilbert during monsoon season in Arizona.

“I was very touched by his stories and demeanor as a whole. On his way out the door the next morning, he handed me a thoughtful note and said thank you,” Abby said. “This inspired me to do something for the homeless population, as he opened my eyes to some of the kind people who have been presented with unfortunate circumstances.”

This year, Abby made blessing bags for those who do not have a roof over their heads, filled with essential items such as hygiene products, blankets, food products and comforting Christmas staples, like homemade cookies.

Additionally, Braintree Hospitality employee, Sheri Phillips, experienced the loss of her loved ones, and began wondering how she was going to get through it. As a result, she started a new tradition of helping others year-round.

“I realized I needed to start new traditions,” Sheri said. “Starting this holiday season and hopefully many more, I’m paying a bill for a family that is struggling to provide. More importantly, I’m hoping to be able to do it all year, not just during the holiday season.”

Brightening a Team Member’s Day

The holidays are a busy time of year for hospitality employees. From lodging multiple guests, to catering for holiday crowds, many hotels have their hands full. To give back this season, some Braintree Hospitality employees decided to show their appreciation for their hard-working team members.

On Team Member Coffee Run Day at Hampton Inn Coeur d’ Alene, Assistant General Manager Chris Reeves offered his entire work family a cup of holiday cheer.  

“Our teams have worked so hard through yet another year of unique circumstances, and it just felt right to get everyone a warm, or iced, cup of ‘good feels’ as we move into the holiday season and into the new year,” Chris said.

Additionally, Deva Hoffman, Braintree Hospitality employee, shared a thoughtful photo of a team member, Andrew, surprising his co-worker, Sabrina, with a cup of coffee in front of a Christmas tree at La Quinta Coeur d’ Alene.

“Thank you, Andrew, for bringing your giving spirit to our hotel! And thank you both for all you give to our hotel,” Deva said.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

We all have that one friend or family member who gets us in the holiday spirit by doing all they can to make it special, festive and memorable. Braintree Hospitality is lucky to have employees who do just that.

Erik Bingham, regional hotel director and general manager of La Quinta Twin Falls, went the extra mile by baking holiday treats for more than one hundred lucky recipients, including his friends, family, and co-workers.

“As a child, every Christmas Eve was filled with baking. My mother was truly gifted in the kitchen and every year we spent hours creating cookies to be delivered to friends and family. As an adult I have continued that tradition in her honor,” Erik said. “Although it can be exhausting, the face of those opening the door is well worth the time and money spent.”

Additionally, Paige Neely, assistant general manager at Hilton Garden Inn Boise, spread the holiday cheer by paying for strangers behind her at the coffee shop, dressing as an elf to decorate her grandparents’ home and by adopting a letter for USPS Operation Santa.

Braintree Hospitality plans to continue the tradition of coming together as a team to make a positive impact by giving to those in need, showing co-worker appreciation, and uplifting friends, family, and strangers during the holidays.

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