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The BPA Health Website is available to you when and where you need it. This is how you access My Work-Life Resources:
Go to BPAHealth.com/eap-home (button below) and enter the following information: Employer Name: Braintree Group Toll Free Number: 80072600
Select the My Work-Life Resources button and you will be connect to the resource web portal.
View or download work- life resources including webinars, forms, informational documents and educational.

Online Seminars

You can access on demand archived seminars when and where you need to.

Resource Locator

Use this handy search tool to locate a child care provider or find a pet sitter. Use the older adult services locator to find a professional who provides elder care services.

News For You

Find relevant information about current event. Keep up to date with what is happening now.
BPA Health is a Boise, Idaho company that connects people to make individual lives better, organizations more effective and communities stronger. BPA Health professionals help individuals confront everyday challenges and address the uniquely personal problems that impact their job performance, health and overall well-being.

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