Kristi Bachman

Human Resource Manager

“Loves her BSU Broncos”

As the Human Resource Manager at Braintree Hospitality with over 16 years of hospitality experience, Kristi is responsible for the new hire paperwork of all hotels, payroll processing and taxes, health insurance, compensation and benefits including 401K, and leadership development.

As a graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources, Kristi started her career in the two-way radio industry where she worked in the purchasing and inventory for approximately 9 years before taking an active role in HR and payroll with AmeriTel Inns, Inc. in 2002.

With the ability to adapt quickly, Kristi has become a valuable asset to the Braintree team with her ability to take on new challenges; contributing to her overall success as a human resource manager.

Married for over 16 years with two amazing and beautiful children, Kristi is a big football fan and loves the Boise State Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. In her spare time, she also loves to scrapbook and put together photo albums, play cards, and read.