Jon Field

Operations Manager

“Loves golfing around Idaho”

As the Operations Manager for Braintree Hospitality, Jon is a self-described, blue-collar hospitality expert. Working from the ground up, he has achieved notoriety in the restaurant industry with the designation of Sommelier and in the lodging industry overseeing operations of multiple properties and brands. His hard work, sincere guest services, and charismatic connections with staff have been the staple of his success. Jon has driven increased revenues in all positions during his career and believes that is the ultimate goal.

During his youth, traveling the world as a dependent of an Air Force officer, Jon was blessed with the fortitude and diversity to be a good leader and to adapt quickly to his surroundings. Athletics and competition have always been a passion that he brings to his work. It is Jon’s enjoyment for the hospitality industry, appreciation of his staff, and commitment to clients that make him the perfect fit for Braintree Hospitality and its diverse portfolio of hotels.