3 Leadership Techniques to Inspire Motivation in Your Hospitality Team

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With any job, you will have productive days where you feel like you are on a roll, and other days you just feel like you’re dragging. In the hospitality industry, teammates can help to motivate one another during the bad days and help to brighten them. In this blog, we’ll discuss three ways hospitality workers can keep their coworkers motivated and excited to come to work, from Braintree Hospitality employees themselves.

Create a Fun and Energetic Environment

It’s no secret that humor is great for combatting stress, in life and in the workplace. Sharing a laugh or two with your coworkers can turn an unpleasant day into a fun one. Erika Coburn, Braintree Hospitality employee, said that we all have sluggish days when we simply aren’t “feeling it,” and those days are the days to really ramp up the energy.

“It may mean that I embarrass myself by dancing to get my team smiling and energetic, but it works,” she said. “We try to turn all situations, bad or good, into positive ones. I believe if we make work enjoyable and work as a team, we can accomplish anything.”

Maintaining a fun, energetic work culture is integral to success at work and keeps employees more excited to clock in for the day and complete their tasks to the best of their ability.

“Trying to maintain a positive attitude and provide reassurance that no matter what we will get through it together. We are stronger as a team and having a sense of humor always helps as well!” Lindsey Atkinson, Braintree Hospitality employee, said.

Be approachable and willing to help

Being part of a team in the hospitality industry means to work together. Whether you’re a part of the housekeeping department, hotel restaurant staff, or working the front desk, sometimes work duties and responsibilities have to be shared in order to get the job done, especially while there are low staffing levels. 

“I make sure each day I show up with a positive attitude and the willingness to help make beds, gather garbage, do anything on my end to make their job easier,” Dayna Austin, assistant head housekeeper at the Hampton Inn and Suites Coeur d’Alene, said.

Hospitality workers should also maintain an approachable, open and positive attitude with their teammates. If coworkers feel comfortable with one another, and confident they can ask for help, they will be more successful in making a guests stay that much more memorable.

“I like to keep my coworkers motivated by always having a positive attitude and being approachable,” Lauren Davis, Braintree Hospitality employee, said. “I want work to be fun and do my best to make them feel like they can always come to me for help. I make it a point to treat everyone with respect always.”

Positive Recognition and Incentives

Employee incentives go a long way to ensure employees feel appreciated. They play a huge role in creating a rewarding company culture and inspires teammates to go the extra mile.

Dayna Austin said she gives out Hampton Dollars for the hotel’s employee snack shop each time an employee stays and helps, or goes above and beyond.

“My job is to make sure my housekeepers are happy. I genuinely care for my entire staff here and appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail they all have,” she said. “Also, we are doing a housekeeper of the month to show our appreciation to their hard work and dedication through these hard few months.”

Overall, approachability and willingness to help, as well as providing and participating in employee incentives, creates a positive work environment that motivates and inspires teammates to work together.

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